Ah, such a lovely winter day for a stroll…

So, as I said in my last post, Friday was Toby’s Christmas Party. I’ll say this, the Irish sure do know how to celebrate. As I mentioned before, the work paid for part of his christmas party was for employees only, which meant no “plus ones” include spouses. So, while Toby and his work friends were at work, I met up with one of his coworker’s girlfriend, Jenny, who is from Washington D.C. She’s going to school here, and they were having what was their “end of semester party”, so I celebrated a bit with her and her friends that her semester was over. Later on, we met up with the boys and walked back to his coworker’s apartment with some of the other people from Toby’s work. We sat around, chatted, danced, and had drinks. It was quite a bit of fun. We looked down at our phones and realized it was about 3am, so we decided to go home, and we were the FIRST people to leave! Even some guy who was like head of sales stayed out longer than us… I don’t know how everyone stays up so late… but I’m still recovering just from lack of sleep from that night!

Saturday we met up with everyone for brunch. We went to this really neat place called “The Market Bar“. It was like a Spanish Tapas restaurant, but they served what we would consider a Mexican style breakfast brunch. Toby had a Steak Sandwich with egg, and I had scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. We made another American friend that Toby works with named Paul. He is hilarious – he’s also the guy who is coming over to spend christmas with us. He decided to have a brownie before lunch, and he was pretty excited about it.

Paul's Brownie

Toby fitting in with the Irish wearing Paul's hat


My eggs & bacon with toast

Toby's Steak Sandwich

Inside of the Restaurant - had awesome high ceilings


another shot of the inside - they had a neat display of shoe trees, although not sure why... ha ha. The real christmas tree was neat though

We ended up all just hanging out at the restaurant until like 3pm, and what’s great, is that the servers don’t push you out, because they don’t work on tips. They don’t care how long you sit there. So afterwards we went to a pub near by and just hung out and chit chatted. While hanging out, I learned something… I’m even shorter than everyone else here than I was at home!!! Everyone here is AT LEAST 6 inches taller than me if not more. But it’s okay, I think I’ve become the leprechaun of the group, and I’m okay with that.

Today, we decided to walk around a bit while running some errands, we took some neat photos on the way that I thought I’d share with you 🙂

this building near our home has vines growing all over it, it's gorgeous!

for another photo of this building, you can click HERE

neat old building around a bunch of shops

The sunset walking home.... at like 3:45 pm... ha ha


The street lit up walking home

I’m starting to wonder, at what point I’ll turn the corner, and not be amazed by how gorgeous all the buildings are. Everything has so much history behind it, I love it!

I also just finished ordering my groceries from Tesco for Christmas. We’re going to have (for sides – haven’t decided on meat yet) Green Beans, Sweet Potato Souffle, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing, and mom’s applesauce. I’m so excited!!! I’ll take lots of photos!!

I’m off to bed, I’ll talk to everyone soon. Good night!!


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