Well that was annoying…

So, today wasn’t the greatest of days… I was about to walk out the house, when Toby suggested I call Eircom to check up on the status of our telephone order. So, for a little back story, while I was on the phone with them trying to get things moving forward, Toby did not realize I was on the phone with them and also placed an order online. About an hour later, I called up to ensure only one of the orders went through. Customer service assured me that everything was fixed and we all went on our merry way. Welllllllll – turns out it wasn’t fixed. Apparently our home phone has been on since Monday, and they thought Toby’s order was to install a SECOND phone line and then set up internet. So, after spending about an hour on the phone explaining I do not want a second line, and just need internet set up as soon as possible. They then explained that had we could now not get internet until JANUARY and kept stressing that it was my fault for making two orders despite calling customer service to ensure that one of them was cancelled. She then said I would need my account number to order internet online, otherwise I could order on the phone. However, if I ordered via the phone, we would be charged a €39 and have to pay for our modem. I asked if she could please give me my account number, as I haven’t been given this information yet, and she said no despite the fact we did a test ON THE PHONE IN MY APARTMENT. She said I would have to wait for them to send it to me in the mail. So, apparently to Eircom, not only having all your other account information AND proving you are physically in the apartment of the address listed is not enough to prove who you are to get your account number. Well, while trying to fix it all my phone ran out of minutes and hung the phone call up – AWESOME!! Luckily, while talking to Toby later online, I found out he was able to find someone nicer on the phone and get it all set up, so now it looks like we should have internet by Christmas Eve.

However – At the time I did not know this. So, I went to go to Three (our cell phone company), to go buy a top-up on my cell phone. I get there, and go to purchase my minutes, and set my credit card down to pay for my minutes. Unfortunately, they do not take “swipe cards” – which are typical credit cards like we have in the States. Here, they have “chip and pin” cards, which is a card with a little chip in that has all your account info on it. I do not have one of these, because we haven’t received our debit card yet from our new bank. I double checked my wallet for cash, and found out I didn’t €20 in cash, so I told them I was going to run to the ATM (which they call cash points here), to pull some cash out. Well – I go to pull out cash, and…. *dun dun dun duuuunnnn* my card is declined. It was quite loud where I was, so I walked over to St. Stephen’s green, where it was a little more quiet so I could call Bank of America. Last night, while checking my bank account, I noticed I was charged a $12 maintenance fee for an account that had been closed for 3 months, so we called up, explained that the account with the fee was supposed to be closed. The credited the fee, and correctly closed the account. Well, when they closed the account, the woman also decided to COMPLETELY cancel my debit card. Bank of America stated there is no way to turn the debit card back on, so I would have to wait for a new card to be mailed out…. which could take 30 days…. SERIOUSLY?!??! So I explained to the woman, “What do you expect me to do? I am in a foreign country, and I have NO access to money because you incorrectly cancelled my debit card.” She just suggested using Toby’s card in the mean time to pull out cash, and said, “I’m sorry, you will just have to wait for your debit card to come in the mail.”

Needless to say – I was a bit infuriated for a couple hours after that phone conversation. So – I still have no phone minutes, and have to wait for Toby to get off work and either go purchase phone credit for me, or pull enough cash out so I can go back tomorrow. UGH, luckily – I’m not so mad about it anymore. Toby should get paid soon, and we should have our “chip and pin” card soon.

On a happy note – we found a gym to join – YAY!!! So now I can finally start working out again! Tomorrow I’m going to try to finish my application to do counseling and get it sent out to The Department of Health and Children, which appears to be like their accreditation board, so I can start doing counseling here. I’m happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! 😀

Toby is still at work (it’s 8:45pm here), I guess they had something really big blow up at work. Tomorrow is his Christmas Party. I guess they’re having it at some country club with a really nice dinner. But what’s weird is, I guess that at his company, they do not allow “+1’s” which includes spouses. I’ve never heard of an office Holiday Party that is held after work hours not allowing spouses… but whatever. Myself and his coworker’s girlfriend (who is also American) may go meet them up for drinks after their work part of the party is over or something. One of Toby’s coworkers was talking about trying to get everyone to go to this Japanese karaoke bar downtown. Wouldn’t that be the most international experience ever? American and Irish people at a Japanese karaoke bar? ha ha.

Anyway, sorry this post was a bit of a rant – I promise the rest will be more upbeat. Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!

I guess I should follow my own advice...


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