Home at last!

So, yesterday we finally moved into our apartment, yay!!! It feels so much better knowing we have a place. On Friday, I got the unpleasant experience of attempting to get our internet set up for our new apartment. I looked up , and there were a couple companies that provided internet service in the area we live in, so I attempted to call their 1-800 number. Well, I kept trying it from my cell phone, I tried from skype… I tried it with the country code, without, etc. After about an hour or so of trying to call, and searching on the internet why the call wouldn’t go through, I found out that in Ireland, voice over IP (like skype), and mobile phones are not able to make calls to 1-800 numbers. I guess that despite being toll-free, the phone company charges the business if they accept VoIP or mobile telephone calls, so they ban calls from those numbers. I tried calling from the phone in our hotel room, and finally got a hold of the company. I then learned that in order to get internet, they require you to sign up for landline phone service, because the internet comes through the phone line. So, after about another hour of figuring out how to get that set up, I got it scheduled. The bad part? In Ireland, it takes  FOREVER to get your internet set up, so they can’t guarantee we will have internet service until December 22nd, which kind of sucks. The good news is, our landlord pays for cable, so we at least have some cable shows to watch! 🙂 So in the mean time, we really only have internet on our cell phones.

Since we just moved in, and haven’t had a chance to buy christmas decorations yet, I decided to spread my “christmas cheer” at least on my cell phone… ha ha

On Saturday, we let the hotel with ALL of our luggage, and made our way to our new apartment. We ended up having to take two cabs because us and all our luggage wouldn’t all fit in one. So we eventually got half our luggage in one taxi, and half in another, then made our way to the apartment.

Me standing next to all our luggage

We dropped off our stuff, and immediately went out shopping. We went to grafton street, first, and stopped for some yummy food! 🙂 We went to Mark & Spencers, which was like a department store, but they had a little cafe inside too. We had Irish Stew and Tomato Basil soup with some coffee. The bread that came with our soup was called Wheaten Bread, which I believe is also the same thing as wheat soda bread? Anyway, it was REALLY good!! I want to try to make it sometime.

We had to buy some new sheets, stuff for cooking, laundry detergent, etc… basically all that you need just to start up again. So we went and bought everything we could think of at the time – then carried all 6 six bags to the nearest taxi, and took a ride home. After dropping off all of that, we then had to go to the grocery store to get basic food to get us by. Unfortunately, a grocery store is not one of the things that is REAL close to us. So we walked about 10-15 minutes there, and walked 10-15 minutes back. At the grocery stores here, when you check out, you bag your own groceries, and if you want plastic grocery sacks, you have to pay for them (I think they’re like 20 cents each). We purchased a few canvas shopping bags, so we were able to just carry everything back in those. I tell you what though, carrying your groceries home for 15 minutes is quite a workout. My shoulder muscles were so sore this morning!!

We got home, started putting everything up and out, and I realized we purchased the wrong sized sheets when they didn’t fit the bed. Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, the stores here do not allow you to return sheets, so I’ll have to go buy some more tomorrow. Anyway, today was nice, we just kind of unpacked and laid around. On one of the local channels they were having a Christmas Movie day marathon – So we watched Miracle on 34th Street and Elf. We cooked some yummy dinner, and picked out our groceries online at Tesco’s website to have them delivered tomorrow – not carrying those groceries again! ha ha. Tomorrow we are going to attempt to make Irish Stew.


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