We’re Not Homeless Anymore!!!

That’s right my friends, we FINALLY found a place to call home. Sorry I haven’t posted lately – the internet at this hotel is horrible. I am so excited to get out of this tiny room. So, the apartment we decided on is a bit smaller than we were originally hoping to get, but it’s in aice area, right off St. Stephen’s Green. The nice thing is too, it’s less expensive than the other place we were deciding between, so we’ll have more money to do what we want, and go travel and stuff. The other place we were looking at was so expensive, we would have been pitching pennies and never able to afford to leave and go do things. We’re hoping to get a larger place once I am able to find a job. BUT **drum roll…..* Photos of the apartment are here!!!!

Front of the apartment building

Living Room

Living Room (view two)

Kitchen: Has full fridge, freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher...



I’m not sure what’s going on with the fake mantle thing… but we’re going to try to think of something to put in the middle so it doesn’t look so out of place. We’re also going to probably buy a sofa bed to put in the living room. The living room is a bit bare, but it just needs a little spicing up :). And well… I like to think of myself as crafty, ha ha. I feel so much better knowing we have a place to live now!! We’re going to move in tomorrow, so I’m spending today packing up our stuff.

I did notice some differences between the way we handle rentals in the U.S. and the way they handle them here. We went to meet with the landlord (who by the way, not only looks like Mr. Bean, but also ended up being a Tax Accountant), he didn’t ask for references, proof of a bank account, past rental history, work information, income information, etc. He just sat and talked to us, told us he thought we were nice enough and could have the apartment if we’d like. We gave him 200 euro to hold the apartment until the lease was signed, and said that he has the paperwork for the lease at his office, but he’s going out of town friday, so we could just have the keys, and he’d get the remaining deposit, rent, and lease information on Monday. So he gave us the keys to an apartment… before we really paid for it… and before we signed lease…. and without really knowing much about us, ha ha. And for setting up electricity (the apartment is entirely electric) , you just within a week of moving in call the electric company to let them know you’ve moved in, and they start billing you. You don’t have to set up the utilities before moving in. I’ve noticed where in the United States, we operate under the idea that  we have no reason to trust anyone until we really really know them, or have some safeguards in place. Here, they have no reason not to trust you. It felt weird that the guy just said he liked us and could have it. i’m glad he did though, because I have to get out of this hotel… ha ha.

Last night to celebrate having a home, we went back to that Crowe’s Pub place by our hotel and had a couple hot whiskeys and meat pies. Yum!! but this photo below is what I love about the pubs here in Ireland. It’s so homey! There were two fireplaces in the pub, each with real fire going in them. There were christmas decorations everywhere. In the back, there were people who may have induldged a little too much, and they were all joyfully singing together while one guy played the guitar. People sitting at the bar and the bartender were chatting like they were close as family. Asking about how others were doing… Everyone in there seemed like family to each other. It just made you feel comfortable like you were sitting at home, and not at a restaurant/bar.

Crowe's Pub

And on that note, I’m off to pack!! TGIF everyone!! 🙂


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