Apartment Search Continues…

So – Yesterday, I saw 4 apartments, and tonight I saw 1 house. We decided to not go for the ones I saw yesterday, but I’ll tell you about them, since we’re not getting them 🙂

The first three apartments I saw were all at the same complex called Elmpark, the development looks like it’s not completely done, I think they are trying to get people in there so they can afford to finish it, because the guy made some comment when walking by the area marked swimming pool, saying, “don’t expect that, at the time, there are no plans to finish it”… but it was already half built… The apartments were nice, modern, brand new… BUT it was like a 30 min walk at minimum to Toby’s work, and everything felt more spread out. I almost think you’d need to have a car to live there. AND – no pets… I swear, you mention the word “pets” here and people think you are talking about spreading the plague in their apartment. BUT – here are the photos…

Living Room (you can see kitchen through doorway)
One of the bedrooms – they all looked the same

so – it was nice, as you can see, but it was a bit too far away from everything, plus the whole no pets thing…

The other place I saw was technically a “house”, which did allow pets… but it ended up not being so nice and updated. It’s also next door to the Rugby stadium, which could get a little annoying during game time season…

front of the house
The bedroom – this is a double bed pushed into the corner – that’s about how much room was in the bedroom…

I didn’t get a photo of the bathroom and other bedroom – but that bathroom was quite old, and in the other bedroom, it was twin sized bed that was just built into the wall over the stairs, with enough room for one dresser… the house was TINY!!!

So – our search continues, I saw a promising one tonight, and we’re seeing another tomorrow… I think it’s going to end up coming down to these new two…

Earlier today I went to the social welfare office to get my “PPS” number, which is equivalent to like our SSN. I need it to work, open a bank account, and get health care, etc. I had to wait in their office for 2 hours. Which, kind of sucked… but at least I’ve got it done. We still need to go register with the Irish Immigration, and the US Embassy. BUT, we still need to open a bank account… oops! ha ha

In the mean time, I’m going to eat my yummy dinner 😀

A pesto chicken sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes and swiss cheese! nom nom nom

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