Apartment Search Begins!

So – I’ve started the apartment search today – ugh! The I went to see today was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel in a gated community. It was a nice area, and the apartment was nice (not great, just nice). The guy who showed it to me was kind of short… no small talk, no “how are you”, just here’s the bedroom, here’s the kitchen, questions? ok bye. He didn’t show me out of the complex, which was gated… and I couldn’t figure out how to get the gate open to leave because I followed him in. Luckily, another tenant left, so I just followed that person out. Anyway, here were some of the photos of the apartment…

Living Room/Patio

View from patio towards hall/kitchen

The entire master bedroom

There was another bedroom next door with enough room for a twin bed, and night stand – that was about it…

The full bathroom

So there’s no tub – which I would prefer… the other downfall… no pets… despite being on the first floor and all tile.. which I don’t understand. Oh well! Tomorrow I’m viewing 3 more, so hopefully I’ll find another one I like tomorrow. You don’t get photos until after I see it! 😛 I don’t want to jinx it!

The entire rest of the day all I did was sit at the hotel and apartment search. I did get bored and one point and walk to the grocery store just so I could get out of the hotel. This little place is driving me NUTS. It’s so small, and there is no room for all our stuff.. no kitchen to cook food… no way to wash clothes… there’s not even a place close by to take it to, so we broke down and paid to have the hotel do it 😦 . If nothing tomorrow looks good, we’re thinking about getting a 1 month “vacation” rental apartment to get us by so we at least have laundry and cook facilities. The only problem is that they are more expensive.

Hopefully more positive news will come tomorrow. In the mean time… Oíche mhaith duit (that’s good night in Irish Gaelic)!


One thought on “Apartment Search Begins!

  1. Trent Stigall says:

    You guys look so happy and your apt. is so cute. We will be home tomorrow if you want to scype. Of course Pamela does not remember anything you said about it. And she calls me retarded. In any event we will talk again soon. It was great to hear from you. Have a Happy New Year.
    Trent and Pam

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