Paging Genesis Matos to the counter please…

So – I went to go pay my credit card bill today, and found a $857 charge from American Airlines on my credit card. We haven’t flown American Airlines since May – when they COMPLETELY screwed up the flights to our honeymoon (and so I will never fly them again….), so I called them to see what’s up. Apparently a mister Genesis Matos stole my credit card number and used it to buy airline tickets from Honduras to Indianapolis. What’s even more strange, is that for the billing address, they listed the apartment we supposed to move into in Kansas City, but ended up not moving to because Toby took this job in Ireland. So – I just finished spending 2 hours on the phone with American Airlines, and then my credit card companies to report fraud on my account. The good news is that they are going to go ahead and mail my new credit card to me here in Ireland free of charge, so they canceled the card. Mr. Matos is supposed to fly out December 8th from Honduras, so he’ll be in for a bit of a surprise when he goes to check in for his flight… BAZINGA MR. MATOS!


On a lighter note – I must have scared my cold away with threats of stronger medicine, because I’m feeling a ton better today. Take that Mr. Cold!! Apparently I’m also feeling sassy today… ha ha. It was either the medicine, or the 12 hours of sleep I got last night that made me feel better. We didn’t wake up today until like 11am, which was 5am KC time. We did venture out to the grocery store Tesco today! Come look at our adventure below!

So, each time there was an item for sale that was from Ireland, there would be a “Buy Me, I’m Irish” sign next to it – I thought that was cute.

Also – Chicken breast is much cheaper here, it was only 9€ here for all 4 of these chicken breasts… significantly cheaper than it was for chicken breast in new york.

Anyway – we got mostly non-perishable food stuff so that we don’t have to eat out everyday. We did buy jelly – and since we have no fridge in the hotel, we got an ice bucket, and our jelly is currently sitting in ice cold water. Yeah… we’re classy like that… ha ha. But we got peanut butter, jelly, bread, apples, breakfast bars, nuts, nutella, and honey for tea.

Also – they spell Fiber “Fibre”… I’m going to have to get used to these different spellings over here….

So – now that my credit card debacle is corrected – We’re going to have some cider and watch 30 rock re-runs. Everyone else enjoy the rest of your sunday!!


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