Top of the evenin’ to ya!

Well – we are both now officially in Dublin, although, that last flight was not easy. I got on the plane at about 6:30 in Chicago, and I went to put my carry-on luggage in the overhead bins… and… well… they are not short person accessible, ha ha. As most of you know, I’m only 5’2″, and I couldn’t even REACH the bins. Luckily, the guy sitting next to me put my luggage up there for me. Unfortunatley, the guy sitting next to me was also about 300 pounds and poured over into my seat… not leaving a whole lot of arm room.

So, the trick to avoiding jet lag when coming to Europe (hint hint to all of you who better be visiting us! ha ha!) is that you have to sleep on the flight over to Europe. So usually, Toby and I bring sleeping pills to make ourselves sleep, so that we get at least a decent amount of sleep by the time you land in Europe. To accommodate this, most airlines serve dinner quite quickly, then turn the lights off so everyone can sleep. Well, not Aer Lingus! They waited until two hours into the flight to serve dinner, and didn’t clear our plates away for another hour after that… so by the time our plates were cleared, the flight was already half over. So then I thought, well, the plane isn’t supposed to land until 9am Dublin time, so I’ll try to get some sleep now. About 30 minutes into my slumber, the plane started experiencing some of the most extreme turbulence EVER. On several occasions, my butt actually lifted up out of the seat, and half the plane started vomiting.  This lasted for an HOUR. I’ve been travelling a lot, and I’ve never experienced turbulence like that. By the time the turbulence stopped, the pilot announced we were an hour and half away from Dublin, so our flight ended up landing an hour and  half early. So… Nikki didn’t get much sleep on her flight.

I got through immigration with no problem. The guy took my passport and asked, “so… how long are you staying?” And I replied, “a couple years”, and he kind of looked taken aback and said, “Really?! Well welcome to Ireland!!” He looked up Toby’s visa information to confirm my entry, and said, “Aw, he even claimed you when he came in!! Look! (turned the computer screen) it says, ‘My wife will be here in a week’ oh that is so cute!” Everyone here is soooo nice! They say, “a million thanks” and go out of their way to help you. It’s great!

Toby luckily saw that my flight was early, and was still able to meet me at the airport. I was never so happy to see not only Toby, but ground again, ha ha. We had a good time catching up in the cab on the way to the hotel. The hotel is really pretty from the outside!

Bewley's Hotel - Dublin

After we got back to the hotel – I took a four hour nap, because I was soo exhausted. I didn’t even wake up until Toby called me at 2pm to see if I wanted to go grab a late lunch. Thank god he called, or I would have slept all day. We went and grabbed some pizza at Bell & Belluci. It was pretty good. I got a chance to meet a couple of Toby’s coworkers, and they were all really nice!

Afterwards I had to swing by the pharmacy and buy some sudafed, I have been crazy congested since I got here. Walking on my way back to the hotel, I passed the RDS Showgrounds, which appears to be like a performance center. In July Bruce Springsteen is performing there – apparantly his concert sold out in 15 minutes. Right now they have a craft show going on… I think I will need check it out!

RDS Showgrounds

I also snapped a photo of some of the houses/apartments (I think some of them are offices too) on my walk back. Since they drive on the opposite side of the road, they also (thank god) print on the road which way to look for traffic when crossing the street to make sure you don’t get hit by a car, ha ha.

Walking along Merrion Road in Dublin


The useful crosswalk reminders

Anyway – I’m still pretty jetlagged. So I didn’t do very much today. Tomorrow we’re off to go see an apartment so we can get out of this hotel. It’s nice, but the rooms are small… and local tv programming sucks. I feel like a spoiled american saying that… but all I want to do is lay in bed tonight and watch TV!! And netflix doesn’t work here yet :(.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! will try to update tomorrow about our apartment search!


3 thoughts on “Top of the evenin’ to ya!

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ooo and I forgot to tell you that Hulu won’t work there either. As of 2009 they were still working on that. DVD sets will be your friend! Aww I’m sorry the flight was so bad, but I suppose it’s a lessoned learned. I made your pic of your hotel my screensaver- it’s so pretty and definately castle-esque. Btw- cousin Trey (mom’s side) also reads your blog- we’re all enjoying reading it. Much Love to both of you!!!
    Your Big Sis,

  2. Janice Paulie says:

    We are glad you made it OK. Sorry the flight was so bad. Enjoy your weekend. Talk to you soon.
    Love you both.
    Mom and Dad.

  3. Nikki Paulie says:

    Tiffany – Yeah, we’re hoping we get better shows once we sign up for cable, it sucks! Glad to hear everyone is enjoying the blog!
    Janice – Thanks! I’m just glad that flight is over, ha ha.

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