See ya America


So, its 5:02, and I’m currently sitting at my terminal/gate in chicago. Word of advice if you ever have to go to terminal 5… get food before going through security.

But anyway, my flight from chicago went well. It’s insane attempting to carry around all this luggage. I met a lady on my first flight who was from Ottawa, canada. She was really nice.

When I got to chicago, they made me leave security to switch terminals, which was really annoying. But on the light rail to the terminal, I met a couple with a baby, and another girl my age who are also moving to Dublin. So we kind of worked together to figure out where we were going. It made me feel better about doing this alone. But now im going to surf the internet until my flight takes off in 2 hours. I’ll try to post again shortly after getting to Dublin.

Talk to you all soon! 🙂


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