I’m almost not in Kansas anymore


That’s right, I leave tomorrow. I haven’t posted much because I’ve been getting everything ready for my flight! As a “last meal” I went with my parents today to Blue Koi. It was solo yummy! I had their ginger basil chicken and chicken dumplings (which I always get, ha ha).

I fly out tomorrow, luckily I only have one layover in chicago. So that shouldn’t be too bad… although I’m really nervous about not only flying by myself, but making a connection at the airport alone, but going through customs alone. But the nice thing is Toby will be there to meet me at the airport.

It’ll be fine… just kind of ready for tomorrow to be here. I’m sick of waiting for it to come. But I’m very excited to see Toby tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “I’m almost not in Kansas anymore

  1. Denise Behrman says:

    Everything will be fine, but totally understand the anticipation and feeling anxious. You are in thougts and prayers of many. We love you Nikki and Toby.

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