Day 21: Day after Sandy’s Wedding

Hello again everyone! So, last time I wrote on here, Toby was about to leave for Dublin. Well, he left on Friday, and it appears he got there alright. He had two lay-overs, and luckily none of his flights ended up being delayed. All of his luggage got there on time, and he was able to arrive at the hotel with no problems. The hotel is right next door to his office, so luckily he can get there with no problem. Unfortunately, it appears that there is nothing close to his apartment to eat, or do, and the hotel room is really small. So, I’ll have to find an apartment as soon as I get there. So i’m spending the rest of today doing apartment searching. Toby finally got his phone set up over there, he got one of the new iPhone 4S’s. I guess last night they also had 50-60 mph sustained winds… not just gusts. He said the streets are lined with all sorts of christmas decorations, so I’m really excited to see it all! He tried to get a new phone yesterday with a plan, like you do with sprint, at&t, etc… but they wouldn’t let him get a phone plan without a bank statement with an address on it, but the banks don’t open until Monday, so as of now, we still don’t have an Irish bank account. So he ended up just getting a pay as you go phone. We were going to sell my phone, but now that we know I can’t get a phone plan yet, I’m going to take mine over there and just buy a pay as you go SIM card until we can get all the stuff set up to for me to get the new iPhone.

Last night was also Sandy’s wedding. We had soo much fun!! I got to meet her mexican side of the family, and they are a blast! They kept handing out awesome “party favor” things every 30 minutes during the wedding. I took some photos of it. We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday night at Brio on the plaza, it was so much fun too!! I didn’t get to take too many photos of all the festivities, so I’m hoping some people today will post photos and then I can post more here! We all got Tom’s Shoes as our bridesmaids gifts. They are sooo comfortable!!!

Bridesmaid Gift: Tom's Shoes

The day of the wedding, we went to go get our hair done at Jeanne’s Hair Salon in downtown Kansas City. The ladies who were there doing our hair, well… I don’t think they really knew what they were doing. I felt so bad for Sandy, they tried to redo her hair 4 times or so and just couldn’t get it. I asked them to do my hair with side bun, and I ended up with with my hair half down in curls until I asked them to pin it up. A lot of the girls had to have their hair repinned or redone. Luckily, Marcela is good with hair, so she was able to redo Sandy’s hair and touch ours up. It was fun all being at the salon and stuff, I just felt really bad for sandy that it didn’t turn out the way she wanted. However, we got all fixed up and had photos, those were a lot of fun! I can’t wait to get all the photos back!

The beautiful bride Sandy, and I

Me with some of my crazy party favors and Alex

Marcela and I with our favors

All our favors: Sunglasses, masquerade masks, blow up keyboard, blow up guitar (that had flashing lights in it), mardi gras beads, and headbands with mini veils on them


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