Day 18: Happy Turkey Day!

NOM NOM NOM! We are so full from our thanksgiving today!! We started off with Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. We had some awesome awesome food!

Thanksgiving Dinner

After Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, we stopped by Toby’s great Aunt’s house and said hey to all his relatives who were over there. Got to say “HI” to them one last time before we go. I hadn’t met a lot of the people there, so it was nice to get to know more of the family! 🙂

After that, we swung by Thanksgiving at our friend Blake’s parent’s house. I had left my computer charger at their apartment the weekend we visited them while we were in D.C. Then we got back to my parent’s house and had an early christmas with them. I got some awesome new rain boots, and Toby got a new sweater to wear while we’re in Dublin.

We’ve been spending the rest of the evening packing Toby up to go, he leaves tomorrow for Dublin, then I’ll leave a week from today. It’s weird not going over there together. The only other time I’ve ever flown by myself is when Toby flew me to propose. Our good friend Sandy’s wedding is also this weekend. Toby has been friends with Sandy even longer than I have, so it’ll be weird not having him at the wedding either. Blake and I joked that we’ll have to “skype” him into the wedding, ha ha.

But – it’s late. Gotta go to bed so we can get Toby ready to go, and then I can pack my stuff for sandy’s wonderful wedding weekend!!! 😀 I may not have a chance to post again until Sunday, but if I get a chance, I’ll try to write a post about how Toby made it to Dublin. He’ll have 2 layovers to get there, so I hope he doesn’t get too jetlagged!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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