Day 16: Last night in NYC

So tomorrow, we’re flying back to KC for thanksgiving. I cannot believe it’s already been 2 1/2 weeks! I have absolutely loved my time here in NYC. I told Toby that one day, if we ever make enough money to actually afford to be able to live here, I would SO live here! But it really is really expensive!

So yesterday, I finally made it to Century 21 at Liberty Square. For anyone who goes to NYC, I recommend this location much more than the one downtown. There was hardly anyone there, and the store was actually organized in a regular fashion. I got myself some nice Anne Klien shoes that were originally $85, I got them $49.97. It the iflex series, so they’re supposed to be really comfortable. I thought this would be good for walking around all the time in Dublin.

This morning I went to the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial. I didn’t realize it just opened this September. At first I thought, well, if this is the final product… it’s kind of underwhelming at first. There are two “fountains” i guess you’d call them, each at the location of the where the twin towers originally stood. I really wish they would have offered some sort of guided tour, or informational plaques, or a hand out. I would have liked to know more about the site, but I just read about it when I got back and it was still great. I definitely recommend people go see it, but I think it will be even better once the museum opens (which is supposed to open sometime during 2012). To get into the memorial, you have to go through security that rivals that of airport security. They are still doing a lot of construction around the site, which you can see, but they are VERY strict about you not taking photos of the actual construction. Check out my photos below! For those interested – the names of the victims on the side of the pools whose photo I took, I looked them up and included a link to their tribute underneath the photo

Vincent D. Kain    Lawrence T. Stack

Ricardo J. Quinn     William M. Feehan

Donald J Burns    Thomas Anthony Quinn

Christine Sheila McNulty     Sean Booker Sr.

Richard L. Allen     Robert John Caufield

Thomas Ashton    Jennifer Y. Wong

Robert John Caufield      John Christopher Moran

Paul Gary Bristow     Karlie Rogers

I’ll admit – it was really chilling walking around this area. It made me remember what I was doing when it happened – where I was. Watching it all on the news that evening with my parents. When it happened I was a freshman in high school, and Toby was a freshman in college. He was in the Air Force ROTC at the time. It’s just crazy to think that 9/11 was already 10 years ago.

On a lighter note…  I was reading up on Dublin’s tourism site what to do on christmas in the city; because at this rate, we may still be in a hotel on Christmas So, apparently in Dublin, everyone goes out and parties really hard – like I mean harder than they do on New Year’s Eve, because it’s considered a big “last hurrah” before everyone goes and spends time with their family. I found that really interesting – because at least in my family, we always celebrated xmas with our immediate family on Christmas eve and had a big dinner with just us, then on Christmas day, we would go to grandmas have a bigger celebration there. I wonder what other cultural differences I will find! Then, I guess the “2nd day of Christmas” is called Boxing Day in the UK, but it’s called Stephen’s Day, and everyone goes and sees horse races for some reason. Then, I guess they have a huge festival in the city centers and people go around singing… like actually caroling… (at least according to what I read about Stephen’s Day on Wikipedia… ha ha). I read on tripdavidsor that the carolers go around in Sandymount, which is a neighborhood of Dublin we’re hoping to move to. So – Basically what I’ve read is that Dublin celebrates Christmas for 3 DAYS IN A ROW!!! This sounds like my kind of place 🙂

Welp – I am off to finish packing. Excited to see everyone in KC!! 🙂


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