Day 14: Last Sunday in NYC

So today was our last “weekend day” in NYC. We didn’t do a whole lot this morning. We slept in again, and decided to get some Chipotle for lunch. Well, if you know Toby, that meant he was in a food coma for the next couple hours. So we just hung out at the apartment for awhile and watched 30 Rock re-runs, which was nice :).

Eventually we got up, and walked around central park for a bit.

While we were at central park, we walked by an area where a bunch of dogs were playing off leash, so we just kind of sat and watched them play for a bit. There were two pit bulls there that were playing with each other, they were super cute. You could tell one of them was still a puppy because he was so bouncy and playful. There was a couple girls next to them whose dogs were playing each other. One was a Bischon, and looked like our friend Sandy’s dog Lola, and the other one was a chihuahua. Well, the bischon saw the pit bulls playing, and decided that it NEEDED to come play with them. It bounced over to the pit bulls, and then just sat and watched for a minute trying to figure out how to join then because the other dogs were so big. All of them started doing their little play bows, and chasing each other… it was SO cute, I wish I would have taken a picture. Well, the chihuahua was jealous that he lost his playmate, so he immediately ran full speed towards the pit bulls and tried to start mounting them to show them who was boss. This looked ridiculous, as the chihuahua was probably only 10 pounds, and the pit bulls were 80 pounds… it couldn’t even reach the top of the other dog’s leg. Nonetheless, after a couple minutes they were all bouncing around playing… these two dogs weighing 10 pounds, and two dogs weighing 80 pounds… it was quite the sight.

I guess sometime after we left central park, the Occupy Wall Street people tried to set up “camp” at the EXACT spot we were at. It figures they’d show up after we left since we were trying to get photos of them. Although, we realized, at least from the people we did see are pretty much all hippies and hipsters.

Anyway – Later on, Toby had to stop by and grab his work computer. His office is right next to Radio City Music Hall where a performance of the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular had just ended, so there were people everywhere.

Later when we got home, we decided to have a very mature dinner 🙂

Tomorrow, I am going to try to brave Century 21 again, but I’m going to go as SOON as they open to try to avoid the crowds. I was going to try to get on TV in the crowd at Good Morning America, but now there is a 70% chance of rain both monday and tuesday, and frankly – I don’t need to be getting sick a week before my international move, ha ha. Hope everyone had a Sunday Funday!


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