Day 13: Toby finally gets to explore

So , today was our first day in NYC where Toby didn’t really have to get up and head into work. So we slept in and decided to go exploring the city a bit. We went and walked around grand central station, then headed down to Century 21 Department store down by the World Trade Center site. It was insanely packed. There were definitely good deals there, don’t get me wrong… a $400 Mark Jacobs purse that I wanted was on sale for $198…. you could get a $200 pair of nice leather boots for $100… but everything was still so expensive. There were people everywhere, and nothing was organized… it ended up being more frustrating than anything else. So we ended up leaving there out of pure frustration. We were going to go walk around the world trade center site, but you have to passes, and they’re only open during the week. Which means Toby won’t get to see that 😦 but I’m going to go on Monday and take a lot of photos.

After that, since we were near wall street, we decided to go see what all this occupy wall street stuff was about. We realized after we got there, that I guess they all got kicked out yesterday from Zuccotti Park. There were still some people there, but it was NOTHING like it what it supposedly looked like before. Here’s some of the photos we took…

Zuccotti Park
Occupy Wall Street Sign

Occupy Wall Street
One of the streets of cop cars – notice the police command center on the left side of the photo?
They barricaded the wallstreet bull – i’m assuming so the occupy wallstreet people didn’t destory it. Last time we were here, you could go right upto it and take a photo with it

 Afterwards we walked around wall street a bit and took more photos on our way to go see the statue of liberty.

Grave sight at Trinity Church
Grave sight at Trinity Church

New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

Then we finally saw ol’ Lady Liberty – Thank you France!

the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island (I think) In the background

Around battery park – we saw a building that said “Fatty Snacks”… ha ha… oh america…

Fatty Snack

 THEN… while we were walking around Battery Park… we saw a TURKEY!!! Doesn’t he know it’s almost thanksgiving, and it’s not safe for him here?!?! ha ha. Also – Why is there a turkey in NYC? Where did it come from?!?!

Apparently – at Battery park, they also take their children’s playgrounds VERY seriously! ha ha

At the end of our adventure, we also stopped by Dylan’s Candy bar to get some candy!!!

Toby getting some gummy candy
One of the many displays at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Anyway – that’s our adventures from today. Remember, if you want to see our full online photo album from our adventures in NYC before our move, you can check out the photo album HERE


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