Day 12: TGIF!

So, I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. We didn’t really do a lot. It was rainy, so we just kind of hung around. This evening however, we did manage to finally make it to Serendipity III. Beforehand, we stopped and got some authentic New York pizza down the street at Mariella’s Pizza.

nom nom nom - doesn't that pizza look SOO good?

We stopped at Mariella’s pizza first because there was an hour wait already at Serendipity at 6pm. So we ate pizza, then headed over Serendipity…

So we got to the second floor, and sat right at the top of the stairs. their menus were HUGE. They were like the size of a newspaper, which made sitting at such a small table difficult.

Of course we ordered the frozen hot chocolate – because you HAVE to! 🙂

Frozen hot chocolate and cappuccinos

It was really tasty…

Me with my Frozen Hot Chocolate

Toby enjoyed it too 🙂

The decor was really pretty too


Gift Shop/Front Window

They had a gift shop where you could buy stuff as you left the restaurant, but all the stuff they sold was kind of just a rip off of the stuff you could buy at Paper Source (which by the way is my favorite store). I will say, that the frozen hot chocolate was FABULOUS!!! I was worried it was going to be over-hyped… but in my opinion, it definitely lived up to its reputation. The whipped cream you see on top isn’t regular whipped cream. It was like whipped cream, but it wasn’t sweet, and it was a little thicker. It was really good to take a scoop of that with the frozen hot chocolate.

On another note, Toby finally received his work visa today! The Irish government was supposed to send it to Overland Park, but they ended up sending it to Toby’s office in Ireland instead, so they just forwarded it to the New York office here. WOOHOO!!! Now we can finally get over there! We’ll both be ready to have a bit more control over our lives again at that point.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. We’re going to have movie time now! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get some fun photos tomorrow when we decide what we’re going to do, ha ha.

Happy Friday!


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