Day 9: RockChalk Jayhawk!!

So – last night, the food at the Rocking Horse cafe was AWESOME!! I had a burrito with hanger steak… and I LOVE me some hanger steak! Then my friend Katelyn and I had some Prickly Pear margaritas which which were quite tasty as well. It was nice seeing a familiar face and catching up on what we’d been doing since high school. My friend Katelyn works for a new website called Zaarly which is supposed to be a neat new website which will compete with craigslist.

Anyway, so today, it was rainy, and I really wasn’t feeling that great, so I spent most of the day watching 30 Rock re-runs. I eventually went to the doctor, and it turns out I was actually sick. That wasn’t fun without insurance 😦 BUT what was fun, was what I found walking back from the doctor…

Giant KU Blow up @ Cornerstone

There was a bar called cornerstone that was apparently part of the official KU alumni watch party for the game tonight. Too bad KU lost that game tonight 😦

Toby finally got his work computer sent to him at his office, except it has a UK plug-in… so they paid to mail it here… and he can’t use it unless he buys a plug converter. Kind of strange, but he’s able to use another computer at work today, so that was good. We also found out that our green card/work visa for Ireland was approved, but for some reason it was sent to his office in Dublin. So his office is going to courier it to us now in NY because the government accidentally sent it to the wrong address.

I found out another friend of mine was also in NYC tonight. My friend Jarell used to wait tables with me at Teller’s Restaurant in Lawrence when we went to KU. He also went to a high school in the same district I was in, and used to live with one of our other friends when they studied abroad. He was in town to see the KU game, so we got to meet up with him and say hey for a bit. It’s crazy how many people from Kansas are in NYC!

We also got some sushi to eat while we watched the game… so now I got sushi checked off my “must eat before we move list”. NOM NOM NOM! it was very good! 🙂 Anyway, off to get some sleep so I feel better tomorrow.


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