Day 10: American Museum of Natural History

I’m going to warn you – this post may be quite long compared to my others… but that is because today was SUCH an awesome day!

So, I first woke up – and didn’t really do much besides laundry before my workout class. But I was listening to christmas music, and feeling happy, and motivated. I don’t know what it was, but I just had so much energy today. Afterwards, I got back and decided since it was rainy and crappy outside, that it was a great day for the museum. So I headed over to the American Museum of Natural History. You get off the subway.

Subway station at American Museum of Nautral History (81st street)

I got inside to buy my ticket, and the woman asked for my student ID so I could get the student discount price. The woman stared at my ID for awhile, and I was worried at first she wouldn’t take it (because the date it was given to me was in 2009 – and I’ve graduated, so I’m no longer actually a student, ha ha). She turned to me and said, “you know what? This is a really good student ID photo, I really like your smile. You know what? You seem super nice, I’m giving you a discount! You only need to pay $5”. I was really caught off guard, and I was really glad she gave me a discount, because full price non-student tickets are just about $20! I was so grateful, because I’ve been looking SO forward to seeing this museum. I took a ton of photos, which I’ll list below. I took a ton, so I won’t post them all, but to see the full album of all my photos from NYC, click HERE.

A sample of ice drilled from the artic. The different layers tell scientists about past climate change. If I remember right, each "ring" is a year. The sample was like 20 feet long!

An egyptian slate representing two neighboring egyptian groups


Myan Jade Jewelry

The Gobi Flag - This flag was raised by American palentologists when digging for fossils



The first living ancestors of canines!! YAY DOGS!




Turkana Boy

Flores Hominid - Aka the "Hobbit"


Cape York Meteorite - The largest fragment of a Meteorite from space EVER found on earth, it's carbon-dating says it's as old as the sun - I TOUCHED SOMETHING TODAY AS OLD AS THE SUN!!!

Various Gems

So – Today was pretty much an AWESOME day. Today, basically Nikki had a ton of fun looking at old stuff, and Toby worked :(. We’re hoping go do some more fun stuff this weekend. Have a good Wednesday night everyone!! 🙂


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