Day 8: Bryant Park

So, after waking up, and working on my psych blog a bit, I got up and went to my total body conditioning class again. However, I didn’t die this time!! WOOHOO!!! I actually made it through the whole thing without my legs turning into jello, so I was pretty excited about that. But today, there was a really cranky lady in class… apparently it was like the end of the world that was I standing “too close to her” in the workout class before the workout class started, so I just moved and stood next to someone else. Then, not even a minute after the class started, she just up and left the class anyway. Oh well… crazy people.

Anyway after my workout, I stopped and said hey to Toby again over lunch. He made it sound like the person in charge in NY and the person in charge in Dublin both asked him to do opposite things at the same time… so hopefully they were all able to get on the same page today.

Later on, I went to Bryant park. This was a park with holiday shops that Toby and I went to when in NYC after Toby proposed. So I went there and did a little christmas shopping. 🙂 It was gorgeous, and there was christmas music playing… I was in christmas heaven! And if you know me at all you know I am completely obsessed with christmas, maybe to an unhealthy level, but I digress…

Little shop "Ireland in Prints"

Fountain at Bryant Park

Skating rink

They had ice skating, and shops, and food… they even had a shop of ALL Irish stuff, but I figured I’d wait and go back with Toby before I bought anything there.

On my way home, I started being followed/stalked, and almost verbally attacked by a overly religious chick. I don’t know if she was Mormon, or Jehovah’s witness, or what… but she would not leave me alone! I tried to just ignore her and walk away, but I eventually had to turn around and yell at her to leave me alone. I felt bad about it and all… but I did try to be polite at first!

After my encounter with that crazy lady, I stumbled upon the New York Public Library… I didn’t even know it was at Bryant Park! I didn’t have time to go inside, so I’ll have to save that for a rainy day.

New York Public Library

THEN, after that, it turns out the subway station I got on to go home was right at Times Square. So I snapped a quick photo of that too. There were people standing around dressed as Minnie, Mickie, Spiderman, and other various characters that people were taking photos with. But, you had to pay to take photos with them… so, I didn’t take their photo.

The side of Times Square

I finally peeked my head in at Dylan’s Candy Bar – this is definitely another place I need to go to with Toby! See the fun pictures below. They were also doing some sort of promotion for Happy Feet 2, so they had a person there dressed up as happy feet.

steps at dylan's candy bar

dog candy

Anyway – I am off to go grab some dinner with an old high school friend of mine who moved to NYC last month. I’m going to go check mexican off my “must eat before I move” list!


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