Day 7: Headed back to NYC

So – Toby and I just got back to our apartment from visiting our friends Blake and Alex. Traffic was bumper to bumper, and turned our 3 hour bus ride into a 6 hour bus ride. So, I apologize that this post is so late in the day!

Anyway – after my last post last night, we had some snacks and wine… yum!


This morning, we got up, and took a 2.5 mile walk around Centennial Park in MD, then went and grabbed brunch at Victoria’s Gastropub.

our walk around Centennial Park

Victoria Gastro Pub where we ate brunch

While there, Toby and I checked off one of our “Must Eats” before we leave the country: Hamburgers! But to start off, we had asparagus fries and fries that were cooked in duck fat. They were pretty good!

Asparagus Fries and Duck Fat Fries

Alex and Jo's meals

Our hamburgers with paprika fries


Anyway, my computer is about to die (and of course I forgot my computer charger at Blake and Alex’s)… and its 11:35pm, so I’m off to bed. Till then, sweet dreams!


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