Day 6: Visiting Friends in Maryland

So – we made it to Maryland! WOOHOO!!! We took a bus company called megabus from NYC to Maryland to visit our buddies Blake and Alex. Our bus was supposed to leave at 7:30 last night… so everyone boarded the bus at 7:30, but for some reason the bus driver just sat there with us all in the bus until 8:15pm… boo!! But… the bus was double-Decker, so that was kind of cool!

double-decker mega bus


Alex’s mom Jo is also in town, so we get to see her too! After arriving after midnight, we pretty much went straight to sleep last night. After we (mainly I) finally woke up… which may or may not have been at 10:30 am… ha ha… we got up and walked down the street to get some coffee.

Jo (Alex's Mom) and Alex

Toby didn't like that I was taking photos...

The Coffee Shop

After we got back, we started having snacks while Blake cooked some yummy kabobs!

Blake Cooking

Snack time!

And, inevitably… The day led to this… Toby and Blake playing video games… who didn’t see this coming?? ha ha

After taking a nap – we all went and got some frozen yogurt at Tutti-Frutti. It was a lot like all the other self-serve frozen yogurt places back in KC.


Toby getting frozen yogurt

all of our frozen yogurts

Now we are off to watch “Knight and Day” and be lazy and relax 🙂 . See ya all tomorrow!!



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