Day 5: Veteran’s Day!

  Happy Veteran’s/Remembrance Day everyone! I just want to say a quick thank you to our good friend Jeremy who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Marines… we’re thinking of you buddy!

Dave and Jeremy at our wedding

I also want to take another minute to thank my grandma for fighting in the Korean War

My Grandfather in Korea

And lastly – A thank you to Toby’s Dad – Len – who was in the Marine’s as well (sorry Len – I didn’t have a photo of you in uniform, so I put the photo of you with Jeremy’s hat on instead! 🙂 )

Len (Toby's Dad), Dave, and Toby

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to go to today’s Veteran’s Day Parade here in New York City. I’ve Listed some of the photos below. I included a link to the full set of photos (there were too many to post them all). Just a warning… there was a woman standing in the crowd topless across the street from me… so she ended up in the background of some of my photos. I don’t know why, but the cops walked past her and said nothing, just let her stand there topless throughout the entire parade… ha ha. I realized after the parade, one of the guys I saw was Herman Cain, but I didn’t get his picture… Oh well! ha ha. Supposedly Vice-President Joe Biden was there as well, but I didn’t see him.. although I’m pretty sure I saw a few secret service guys.


The guy holding the flag is Mayor Michael Bloomberg

World Trade Center Volunteers

This cute little girl was saluting the crowd

The NYC Firefighters - Notice the Irish Flag? 🙂

FDNY Bagpipes

Old Firetruck with Vets riding in the back

Fire Dept of NYC - EMS

After the parade, I met up with Toby, and went and ate pizza at Bella Napoli, which was down the street from Time’s Square. The pizza was pretty good! When I left the restaurant, I had my first encounter with the subway. It was pretty easy to figure out, and quick! The only thing I did, was when I walked out of the subway station, I accidentally turned the wrong direction… but I just turned around and walked back the direction I needed to go.

Anyway – off to finish packing for our bus ride to Maryland to visit Blake and Alex. Will most more photos tomorrow!


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