Day 4 – nikki died

So – Today I thought I’d try zumba here in NYC… well, I am now regretting that idea… between zumba, and my insane workout and walk from yesterday, my muscles have officially stopped working. So, besides doing laundry, and my zumba class… did not really do too much today. But I’m like really not kidding… I can’t make my legs work… ha ha.

One thing I did learn today, is that I swear EVERYONE here owns a Jack Russell Terrier.

Toby had day two of work today, he said it went well, just reviewed old taxes. Tomorrow during the day I’m going to the Veteran’s Day Parade tomorrow. According to their website….

The NYC Veterans Day Parade features over 20,000 participants, including veterans of all eras, active duty military, ROTC and JrROTC units, civic and youth groups, all accompanied by music performed by a selection of our nation’s best high school marching bands, drill teams and step dancers. Floats, military and vintage vehicles and other special contingents add to the spectacle and excitement of the parade, which is viewed annually by over 400,000 spectators. The parade route is approximately 1.5 miles, and takes 30-40 minutes for participants to complete. The duration of the entire parade is approximately three to four hours, depending on the final number of participating groups.

Tomorrow evening we’re also going to take a bus to visit our friend’s Blake and Alex. If you remember, Blake was Toby’s best man, and Alex was one of my bridesmaid in our wedding. Hopefully I’ll have some good photos for you all from the parade tomorrow! 🙂

In the mean time, sorry this post was short. Me and my broken body are off to bed!


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