Day 3: Toby’s first day, and Nikki almost dies…

So, today was Toby first day of work. He was able to get oriented with the office and the work they’re doing… that is… after he realized he at first went to the wrong office 🙂 . I guess his company has 2 offices in NYC, but at least they’re only about 10 minutes walking from each other.

While Toby was at work, I went to the grocery store, and stopped by bed bath and beyond to get some umbrellas, because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m starting to learn that certain things are really expensive here… like CHICKEN BREAST! Maybe I’m spoiled from living in the midwest, but the CHEAPEST regular boneless chicken breast was $5.99 a pound… it was only $2.00/pound when we bought it at home. But oh well, when in Rome….

Then, I bravely went to my total body conditioning class at the NYSC. Well… all I can say is my body BETTER be conditioned after that class. 10 minutes in, my legs were shaking and trembling, and barely able to hold up the weight of my body. The trainer also started calling you out if you started slacking or stopped… so I essential worked out my entire body until all of my muscles just gave out on me. Unfortunately, I then still had to make the half mile walk back to our apartment. My legs were JELLO… i almost thought I wasn’t going to make the walk home, but I did… and then took a half hour nap, ha ha.

After showering and getting around, I decided to walk to Central Park, which is only about a half mile away. Just for you guys, I took a few pictures – although I do need go back with our nice camera and take some better photos.

Central Park East - Facing South

Entrance to the Central Park Zoo

Entrance to the Children's Zoo

Central Park

View of the city from Central Park

The famous bridge from movies and TV (in home alone, Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, Gossip Girl, etc.)

view of the city

The skating rink

Afterwards, I met up with toby at his office, and we walked back to the apartment together. I realized after I got home and looked it up, that I walked 6 MILES today on top of my workout class. I tomorrow will probably not be a very busy day for me… on account of not being able to move…

my stupidly long walk

Well – we (or at least I) am off to bed… I’m exhausted!


5 thoughts on “Day 3: Toby’s first day, and Nikki almost dies…

  1. Tiffany says:

    It’s funny how when you’re doing the walk about it doesn’t seem that long (unless your legs are jello) and it’s impressive to learn just how far you went at the end of the day. Good job!

    • Nikki Paulie says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I knew I was walking quite a bit… but I didn’t think it was anywhere close to 6 miles worth! I’m just excited to see the result of all this walking… ha ha

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