We’re moving!

Many of you asked, so I’m delivering – Here is a blog post about Toby and I’s move away from Kansas City. As many of you know, we recently learned we are moving to Dublin, Ireland. However, because our visa’s are taking so long, we  are living in New York City until about Thanksgiving. So, we left for the airport this morning (our flight left at 7am – that wasn’t fun…)


So we finally got to NYC, and for some reason, our taxi driver got lost taking us to the apartment we are staying in. But anyway, we got settled, and went out to explore a little bit. We walked out after freshening up to go grab some food, and found this place across the street!

This is the restaurant from the movie Serendipity. I think tomorrow Toby and I might go in and get some frozen hot chocolate… yum!

We stopped at one of our favorite places to eat in NYC, DISHES! It’s like a gourmet buffet. Toby was quite excited (and protective) of his food, ha ha.

Afterwards, while trying to find the grocery store, we stumbled across a neat wine store called Crush Wine New York, and selected some wine to celebrate our trip here, and Toby’s new job.

We eventually found the grocery store – Food Emporium. It was really pretty, and almost looked like an old train station or something.

We also found a bed bath and beyond. The store is about 3 or 4 stories tall, and you are not allowed to take your cart up the elevator, so they have a special cart elevator. It was the neatest thing! You ride down and your cart rides down next to you. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of someone actually using. Also – there were tons of people in there with their dogs, it was awesome!

Anyway – we are off to bed. Sorry some of the photos weren’t the greatest, i took them with my phone. We’re hoping to explore more tomorrow.

Good night!

-Toby and Nikki


7 thoughts on “We’re moving!

  1. Valerie Hooper says:

    Nicole and Toby, I hope you two are having fun!! I’ve always wanted to go to New York, so I look forward to following your blog and seeing your pictures! I’ll be praying for you two to have a safe trip along this awesome adventure in your life! Take care of each other and I’ll see you at Thanksgiving! Love you!!

  2. Denise Behrman says:

    Since we can’t be there with you this is the next best thing to it! Glad you had a fun first day! Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure! Love to you both!

    Mom and Dad,
    Hannah and Zach

  3. Psychologiques says:

    Val – Thanks! I’ll keep the pictures coming. See you at thanksgiving!

    Mom – Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll keep it coming!

    Blake – Done! Please see new post, ha ha! If you want daily posts, daily posts you get.

    Tiffany – Thanks!

  4. Janice Paulie says:

    I look forward to following you throught your new adventure. It will be like being there.
    Love you both
    Mom and Dad

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