Day 2: Orienting

So, we spent more time orienting ourselves to the area. While Toby was waiting for a call from his boss in Ireland, I decided to go grocery shopping again. Since we have to carry what we buy, we can only buy a small amount of stuff at a time. So I went out to the food emporium, and I actually made it all by myself without getting lost… WOOHOO!!

After eating some lunch, we went and set up our one month at the New York Sports Club so we can work out while we’re here. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt their total body conditioning class… Toby says I’m going to die, but I think I’ll make it. I’ll just be really tired afterwards, ha ha.

After signing up for that, we went and checked out where Toby’s office was, and timed ourselves walking back so he knew how long it would take him to get to work. These are some random photos I took along the way…

Park Avenue

Trump Towers - Park Avenue

Someone's Driver in a Rolls Royce - I didn't realize there was someone in it when I took the photo, and the driver glared at us as we walked by... oops!

A neat candy store called Dillon's Candy Bar - we are definitely going back here!

Then we finally got back. Here’s some more photos from around our area. We are surounded by a bunch of antique shops

Then there is also this store called “Just Bulbs” and ALL they sell is different kinds of light bulbs

After relaxing for a bit, I made dinner for the first time in our kitchen. It was my first time using a gas oven, but I figured it out! Our supplies here are kind of limited, so I dipped the chicken breasts in Italian Dressing, and crushed up croutons. I baked them at 350F for 30 minutes and had a little salad.


Well… I’m hungry now, so I go eat! 🙂 Enjoy the view out our window!


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